Motivated by Kelly

Be more Consistent and Productive

The Motivated by Kelly Planner helps you focus on goals, gratitude, weekly and monthly reflection, daily affirmations, motivation, and time-blocking.

It’s not just another planner, it’s a workbook for your life.

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By using this planner you are setting up a system that works for YOU!

This planner is designed for those who work best when they write things down. Starting with jotting down random thoughts, brainstorming aspirations, time blocking, goals, and affirmations.



Goals are the targets toward which you point your life.


Saying affirmations out loud motivate you. If you repeatedly tell yourself something you are going to start doing it.


Helps you align your attention with your intentions, so you always prioritize the right work at the right time.



Puts your attention to tasks that are important and urgent.


Gratitude allows us to celebrate and appreciate the present.


Transforms your experience into learnings about your values and goals.

Stay Organized and Productive

I invested in numerous planners varying in price, content and design until I found one that truly was a tool for my life. One that was functional, that helped me plan my time better, and establish goals and bring them to fruition. The planner really made me feel like I was an organized and productive rockstar every day.

The Motivated By Kelly planner provides the tools I needed to achieve the things I set out to do and get rid of the unorganized chaos.

  • Big goals tools
  • Weekly reflection tools
  • Weekly scripture
  • Weekly goal tracking
  • Daily affirmations
  • Personal and work priorities
  • Monthly ideas
  • Notes and reflection
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Incorporate these tools and habits into your weekly routine!

If you keep a mental to do list, yet often find at the end of the day you may have completed one or two things on your to do list because you forgot or got distracted, or you are a post-it note queen and have notes/reminders on pieces of paper tucked or stacked here and there, then THIS planner is for you. 

Utilizing the tools in this planner will make it super easy to be organized and productive all in one place. 

It worked for me and it can work for you!

Achieve the things you set out to do!​

You really did such a great job on your planner and your website! It reads easily, flows and states what to expect from your planner! It incorporates all the things that I look for in a planner. I can definitely tell that you put a lot of time, effort, and thought into building your planner! I am in awe of you because you come up with an idea, plan it out, take the time to really think all the little things through and then guess what!? You make it come true!

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